I'm Nicole Conary, a designer based in Bend, OR

I genuinely enjoy building and creating, whether that's a digital experience, a LEGO project, or a nifty little micro-interaction that sparks joy. Let's go make it!

About me

I am...

the mother of an amazing daughter
the wife to my best friend and biggest fan
a student at heart
looking for the next camping adventure
enjoying Peloton classes
slowly accruing a LEGO collection
avoiding my true hair color
a fan of a great glass of wine
figuring out if I like skiing
a designer
forever an optimist
enjoying life

Photo of me sitting with a glass of wine, and the bottle of wine in the beverage holder of the chair
Family photo at the river

My past work experience

Invoca logo
Nov 2021 - Present

Staff UX Designer

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Nov 2019 - Nov 2021

Manager, User Experience

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Sep 2018 - Nov 2019

Senior UX Designer

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Jun 2016 - Aug 2018

User Experience Design Engineer (UI/UX)

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Feb 2014 - Jun 2016

Project Manager - Development

What I've been up to recently

Product Design

H1 2024
I've been doing a "road tour" with my partner-in-crime Product Manager to share the vision for standardizing data in our platform for scalability and usability purposes. We've been sharing our findings and how we intend to build a foundation that allows all teams to build reporting insights within the Invoca platform.

I've also been working on a new Report Builder initiative with our Product Manager for how we can modernize our reporting system to allow all teams to independently build reporting templates and create insightful data visualizations.

Invoca Design System

H1 2024
As we continue evolving our design system, I am working with our front-end team on the expansion of component tokens and visual design parity as legacy code is modernized.

As we hire more engineers, product managers, and designers, I am holding weekly office hours and working on self-serve onboarding resources such as design cheatsheets, video how-to's, and updating documentation.

My core values

Illustration of woman sitting at desk

Quality work, quality product

I believe in work that reflects the best that you have to offer.

Illustration of woman considering ideas

Creation through inspiration

I believe in looking for the right solution from all of life's experiences.

Illustration of woman looking at shapes

Every small detail matters

I believe that the small details make all the difference.